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Branding & Visual Identity Services in Phoenix, AZ

It all begins with Discovery…together we can visualize your voice, uncover your identity, and establish your brand. Logos, messaging, color palettes, typography, graphic elements, brand style guides, website design…we create all the of elements for your brand, and guidelines for how to use them.

Graphic Design Services in Phoenix, AZ

Branding is everywhere. Look closely, and you’ll find examples on websites, product packaging, and different types of advertising. Even on personal items, like documents and business cards, they all bear some form of visual identity.

Branding is what people think—about you, your business, your products, or your services. Visual identity is what that brand looks like, from your logo to your color choices and so much more.

Visual identity is a preview of your brand. Each part of your design is a clue that tells the consumer what they can expect. Your aesthetic can be traditional, modern, or a little more out there—every brand is different. However, all of your design elements must work together to display exactly what your brand is about.


Strong visuals can be very persuasive.
Think of your own experiences as a consumer.
Have you ever chosen a product simply because you liked the way it looked?
Understanding visual identity can help you make more thoughtful design decisions.
Why are you in business?
What is your purpose?
How is your busniess positioned among others in the marketplace?
Who are your ideal customers?
What appeals to “your tribe”?
What are your goals?
Our Phoenix-based graphic designers specialize in corporate branding solutions that get your brand noticed and recognized anywhere the graphics are shown.

There’s more to graphic design than looking attractive. Good graphics incorporate user psychology to draw in the right audience and build a relationship with them.

Our graphic design agency perfects the look that you’re going for. Tell us your ideas for new logos, rebranding projects, website and app design, infographics, and marketing and advertising. Our professional designers make sure your ideas materialize exactly how you want them to.

Expect stunning graphic design that draws the attention of your target audience.

Brand Identity Plans

If you are starting from scratch or refining your company’s existing branding, we will walk you through the discovery process and provide you with the services and team to create all your custom branded elements. Choose a package or your own customized path below.

Explore professional graphic design services that boost brand awareness.

Graphic design is a visual communication tool that showcases your brand identity. Not only should it look good. It should also resonate with your target audience. There’s one way to ensure this: by working with highly skilled designers on your new logo, website, and marketing materials.

Build Epic Consulting helps you meet your business targets through these graphic design services:

Logo and Branding

Create a unique logo that serves as a branding and advertising baseline.

Website Design

Optimize web design to enhance user experience and boost conversion.

Infographics and Reports

Present your data in an attention-grabbing and easily digestible manner.

Marketing and Advertising

Impress your target audience at first glance through stunning graphics.

Product and Merchandise

Think outside the box for new product and brand merchandise ideas.


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