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Sunday Service @ 11am

Reduce your oil costs and consumption

by at least



In 5 minutes or less

you can have clean, fresh, hot cooking oil

No More Slips & Falls...

Guaranteed the safest way to filter & transport your oil.

Your food will consistently

taste better than your competition.

  • Save Time

    Saving hundreds of hours of labor each year

  • Save Money

    Our customers save an average of $12,000 a year

  • Better Food

    Food fried in our oil tastes better!

NO COST GUARANTEE: You will NEVER pay more than you will SAVE.

Filtering your oil with our patented Zeco triple oil filtration machine is the best way to extend the life of your oil and improve your fried food’s taste. Our machine is the highest-quality, longest-lasting filtration machine on the market. When combined with the TESTO 270, the US Oil total management platform guarantees your Return on Investment.

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