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Website Optimization

When a website is not optimized it can lead to never being discovered by search engines, load and perform slowly, and have broken pages and links. We offer solutions to optimize your website for today’s web traffic demands and trends, and can tailor those needs to your budget.

Website Optimization Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Focus on your business while we keep your website blazing fast, SEO friendly and optimized.

We offer affordable WordPress optimization services for every budget!

No contracts required.


We take care of updates and new website development.

Our response time is second to none. Great communication is a priority when assisting clients with their site.

We perform security checks, firewall monitoring, malware detection and removal. 

We do one thing, WordPress, and our goal every day is to provide a great experience.

We won’t force you to switch to our hosting. We provide optimization on your WordPress website for any hosting service.

Month-to-month service, no long-term contracts. We earn your business each month.

Let us optimize existing website content and pages for SEO

We perform offsite daily backups for you, never lose your website if something goes wrong!

We troubleshoot WordPress configuration problems and plugins for you!

There is a truly mind-numbing amount of misinformation, disinformation and self-perpetuating Internet mythology concerning what Google cares about most when it comes to performance. So much so that the layperson stands no chance of sorting it out by themselves. So let’s clarify:

It is not necessarily a site’s Load Time. It is not necessarily a website’s PageSpeed Insights grades. It is not necessarily a website’s scores on any best practices suggestions tool or artificial ‘speed test’ and nowhere does Google say that it is. Quite the contrary, in fact.

What Google wants, because it is what your website’s users want, is an optimal User Experience. Simply stated, the user’s perception of speed is the by-far-and-away most important performance characteristic. This is, of course, why Google is so adamant about optimizing above-the-fold content and why Google so highly favors websites that have implemented Progressive Rendering to the fullest extent possible. What Google cares about, because it’s what your site’s users care about most, is real-world performance. For example:

The speed with which your above-the-fold content begins to render for your website’s real, human users. The time it takes for above-the-fold content to be visually complete and interactive for your website’s real, human users.

The average time at which visible parts of your page are displayed relative to the average time at which visible parts of your competitor’s page are displayed for actual human beings.

Said differently: the performance metrics Google cares about most and therefore Build Epic focuses on most, are the user-centric performance metrics that combine to form the perception of blazing fast speed. These real-world performance metrics include:

TTFB (Time to First Byte);
Start Render Time;
Time to Above-the-Fold Visual Completion;
First Paint Time;
domContentLoaded Time;
Time to Interactivity;
And — Most Importantly — Google’s Speed Index, and Lighthouse Metrics.

If you are a growing business, you probably are focused on increasing sales and working with your existing customers.

Build Epic’s Monthly Website Optimization Packages make it possible to get the help you need without the complexity of managing and hiring additional high-skilled staff members. We ensure that your website is routinely optimized! Your website optimization package can be tailored to YOUR business-specific needs.


We can provide you with a budget-friendly quote to solve your WordPress issue!


Know what it means to have a truly worry-free website experience through top notch customer service.


Stop waiting days or weeks for a response! We provide you with your own support portal, requests are handled quickly!


Plugins, core software, security, and the performance of your website are monitored regularly. We keep your website humming.


Our team of developers and designers diagnose and solve even the most complex problems quickly and efficiently.

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